Car review: Nissan Micra 1.2 Acenta

May 5, 2011- This new Nissan Micra 1.2 Acenta is such an impressive one. It has about 19% fuel tank, 15% lighter suspension and 27% lighter exhaust. The good thing about the … [Read More]

Car review: Toyota Land Cruiser LC5

May 10, 2011- Toyota Land cruiser has been known for its best reputation in terms of its toughness and reliability.  This new model is good when it comes to sticky … [Read More]

2011 Lexus CT 200h: Car review

May 26, 2011- Lexus CT 200h hybrid, the high-mileage car has been known to be the Top Safety Pick of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. Lexus CT 200h was … [Read More]

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C250 CDI BlueEfficiency: Car Review

May 15, 2011- Mercedes-Benz describes its move as “broadening the reach” which replaces the old CLK with a twosome coupe models that both shared similar driveline combinations … [Read More]

Lamborghini Aventador Supercar (2011): Car review

May 4, 2011- Lamborghini’s new 691bhp/219mph/£247k Aventador supercar may look like a Murcielago that is being face lifted but profoundly different in terms of its skin and … [Read More]

Diesel Audi S6 and S7 to Wear A6/A7 Badging

May 19, 2011- Anyone who encounters diesel will surely be impressed—but loving them could be a hard thing. It has an amazing torque and remarkable efficiency that permit … [Read More]

Car review: Honda Jazz Hybrid (2011)

May 3, 2011- When we say hybrids many would associate it with Lexus and Toyota, but definitely not Honda, since Honda has a high revving VTEC engines. With the appearance of … [Read More]

Engine Award: Fiat 500’s Two-cylinder Beat the Ferrari 458’s V8

May 20, 2011 – During the 2011 International engine of the year award, a humble two-cylinder motor has beaten its rivals that include a high-renewing Ferrari V8. The Fiat’s … [Read More]

The 2012 Beetle Model of Volkswagen Is Now Officially Unveiled

April 18, 2012 –Volkswagen officially unveiled its 2012 Beetle ahead of the New York international Auto Show.  Although the pricing has not yet been revealed, the Beetle’s … [Read More]

Hyundai i45 wins the 2011 International Car of The Year

February 17, 2011- It’s been a good start of the year for the stunning Hyundai i45 which has been named as the International Car of the Year. In a grueling American review, … [Read More]